The Power of Dreams

In the campaign "The Power of Dreams" Honda wants to emphasize the philosophy of founder Soichiro Honda: dreams as inspiration to create innovative products. This philosophy applied to life, are the dreams that help us fight day to day and to better ourselves to try to achieve them.
Who better than Andres Iniesta, Dani Pedrosa and Marc Márquez to tell us about the power of dreams?

Spot: The project consists of three main parts; two as a teaser to show the evolution of the athletes and their struggle for their dreams since they were little until reaching the final piece to the three athletes today.

With a very elaborate postproduction we got the shadow of the new Honda Civic Tourer to be the container of all values to pass on to consumers.

Branded Content: In addition to the three pieces of the campaign, we created additional content in order to generate conversation: outtakes of the athletes, making off, deleted scenes ... where you can see the real and funny reactions of our protagonists.

The result is a project with over 1.5 million views that had an impact on all media.