Stories to change history

Three of the four candidates for the general elections of December 20th 2015 pledged to enact laws that would end with the discrimination of different groups of our society and with injustices of various kinds. These are: the cultural VAT, work-life balance, lack of recognition to caregivers of Alzheimer patients and high prices of food for celiacs. This didn't just happen. The political commitment was preceded by an enormous social work in platforms of affected people organized by and its initiative "Changing History".

Bakery Group collaborated with this organization by creating an emotional branded content of four real stories representative of each of the issues that came to the table of politicians.
We wrote the script and made the audiovisual production in order to reflect the circumstances of each of the characters. That's how "Stories to change history" was born, a social marketing content with the added value that this implies.

Furthermore, the results were entirely satisfactory; 360,000 views on YouTube and more than 15 million impressions on Twitter.

The strength of a positive social impact!