El Reto de Eva

Deny the impossible and embrace the extraordinary

Nacho is not an ordinary child. With just 3 years old, he was diagnosed with Dent’s disease, one of the 7000 rarest diseases known so far which has no cure. Because of this, his mother Eva founded Asdent Association, with the aim to help gain money for research.

“The challenge of Eva” was born in this particular moment. A documentary that shows how life can change for a mother who is not willing to settle. Along with Santi Millán, her struggle makes her take part of the Titan Desert, a hard 600 km bicycle race through the desert, which she managed to finish despite her multiple sclerosis. How come? Because of Nacho.

Today, the documentary has been screened in more than 25 Spanish theatres. Eva has managed to get the Vall d’Hebron Hospital to start researching Dent’s disease, and with her many other people turned to help her. A great project for a great social cause. #EverythingforNacho