Conservas Dani

The consumer's engagement as a reflection of their satisfaction

The Project with DANI has two major branches. On the one hand, the digital strategy with an emphasis on creating a symbiosis between social networks and the online store. On the other hand, the corporate content such as catalogs and videos for presentations at fairs.

It all started with the Catalunya Radio program "Entre Tapes", where the best bike riders of the world were interviewed in the most emblematic bars of Barcelona while taking an appetizer of Conservas Dani.

From this experience, we developed a Storytelling associated to the brand values, designing contents bearing on the history, tradition, healthy properties of the products and the #appetizermoment

Its main asset is its colossal engagement, achieving a ratio of 0.96% well above the average of 0.52% of the other brands of its rank, and some content exceeding 10% engagement ratio. Deciphering large numbers in concepts, this means: involvement, interaction, fidelity and bond with the company.

The importance of a well-told story. The performance of a well-crafted digital strategy.

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